The Apollonian Hermetic Maenad (kyrene) wrote in hellenion,
The Apollonian Hermetic Maenad

Message from Apollo

Forgive the crossposting if you read it in my lj already.

Attention all Hellenes....

It would appear that I have a message from Apollo for us.

I had a dream last night that I went to Delphi. By the time my parents and I got there, it was night. I remember exploring the winding paths up the mountain until I was approached by an official who told me that it was night and I had to leave, or I'd be entering into another country. I sorta blinked a bit at this one and kept going further, and was approached by a wolf. I remember being afraid that the wolf would attack and kill me, but then I realized that at this point, I had seen all of Delphi's ruins but Apollo's old temple. I could've come back in the morning, but I was determined to see the temple.

At this point, I was shown an old tripod chair, and I remembered how the tripod at the Delphic Oracle was destroyed. I think at this point I sat in the chair, and the dream began to change.

I was watching Greece in the modern day, and they were making plans to take Apollo's old temple at Delphi and make it into a new Greek Orthodox church. As if this weren't insult enough, they wanted to make a ship out of it and add it to the Greek navy.

I remember looking at the ships and thinking to myself that it would be better to fashion new ships using old temples as a model rather than using the old stones to make new temples. It was obvious that if they used the old buildings to make new ones, then they stood a chance at being destroyed for good with nothing left for future generations to look upon and study. Using old temples to make new ones was definitely a bad idea versus using them as a model.

And I woke up, having slept through my alarm by about half an hour.

If people think I should post this to the Hellenion list or any other emailing list, let me know. I'll leave everyone to puzzle over its meaning.

Just a side note, wolves are sacred to Apollo, as are crows and ravens. :)
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