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Hi.... I'm new, obviously. ...I had a few questions... I kinda feel weird posting here 'cause I'm sort of exploring religions. Christianity doesn't feel right to me right now... Sorry if I sound like an indecisive little kid (maybe 's 'cause I am an indecisive little kid XD) but I wanted to ask people who actually know what they're talking about. :0

See, my parents aren't the most accepting... and if they knew I was considering changing my religion they'd probably, like, eat my brains. ........not literally, of course. But I feel like I'm more willing to be spiritual and contemplate this religion rather than Christianity. uh, for example, the idea of Demeter makin' all the grass sprout seems more appealing than God doing everything and being all.... well, uber-everything.

and then there's the dilemma of the actual worship. I.... don't really have a space for an altar in my house, and, as stated before, my parents wouldn't take me seriously and probably try to get rid of it if I tried... ...I really want to read more into this religion, but if I start buying books on it my mom'd be like "you're just buying them to read the myths, right? you're not actually going to worship the characters, right?" like they were fairy tales or something. ;_; it just makes a lot more sense to me that there's a deity for everything instead of just God in charge.

and theeeeen I keep feeling like since I've been educated into Christianity for so long I'ma get smited by God if I go a different path. xD (I've already been confirmed at our church... another reason for my mom to wave the "this is not a valid religion and you can't do it anyway" flag in my face.)

yeah. I don't know what to do. :\ thanks if you read this.
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